Strawberry Freezer Jam and 2 Ingredient Biscuits From Scratch

While growing up in Evening Shade, Arkansas, my family used to pick wild strawberries down by the stream near our house to make strawberry freezer jam. When my children were small, we would visit the U-Pick farms and pick our own strawberries to make the jam. Now, I often just buy the freshest strawberries at the market so I can continue to make the jam every year to take us through the Winter months. If we run out of it, I hear about it loud and clear from my teenagers because a naked biscuit is a sad sight at breakfast here at the Phillips’ house and store-bought jams just won’t do.

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When I was the test kitchen director for Oxmoor House cookbooks, we also produced Weight Watcher’s magazine. On behalf of the magazine, I was able to travel to Santa Maria, CA to visit their Driscoll brand strawberry fields and processing plant. I was impressed that even the humongous berries were juicy and full of flavor. I especially liked eating the creative recipes the chosen chefs prepared using these strawberries. I was four months pregnant with my first child on that junket so I may or may not have eaten my weight in strawberries!


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My favorite way to eat Strawberry Freezer Jam is on a homemade biscuit fresh from the oven with butter, of course! These are my go-to biscuits not just because they are fail proof, flaky, and tender but because they are only 2 ingredients and I always have those ingredients on hand-and no, it’s not the biscuit mix in a box. Self-rising flour and whipping cream. Yup! That’s it! No cold butter to cut in with a pastry blender.

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Strawberry Freezer Jam

2 Ingredient From Scratch Biscuits


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  1. Made your 2-ingredient biscuits this week. They were great, will definitely be making them again! I love your blog and enjoy your posts on Facebook and Instagram.

  2. We had your biscuits and our strawberry freezer jam for breakfast. They were perfect on this rainy morning! MOM

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