Peach Freezer Marmalade

Jam, jelly, and marmalade. What’s the difference? Basically, jam is made with the whole fruit, jelly is made with only the juice of the fruit, and marmalade is made with or includes citrus fruit or at the very least the peel of an orange. The white part of the orange is called “pith” and is bitter. Believe it or not, the whole orange, minus the seeds, are often used in marmalades. I grew up making and eating my mom’s peach “jam” as we called it. I was always fascinated that she threw in the entire orange into the blender and added it to the pot of sugar and mashed summer peaches.

Peach Strawberry StrawberryBlueberry jam group 1

This summer I was obsessed with making freezer jam as each fruit that came into season! The main attraction was not having to stir a hot, bubbly..and often splattering…pot of jam for at least 30 minutes. Secondly, freezer jam captures the fresh taste of the fruit because it’s typically not cooked at all so when I slather my biscuits with it later on in the Winter, it takes me right back to the taste of sweet summer berries while I watch the snow fall outside……oh, wait! I got a little carried away… I do live in Alabama so, we actually don’t see a lot of snow. But, it does get cold enough to reminisce about long hot days of summer….now, those we certainly have plenty of!

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Peach Freezer Marmalade


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