Eclipse Cookies

In honor of the Eclipse today, I’m sharing two of my favorite cookie recipes! Don’t be left in the dark. Make them now! Double Chocolate Pudding Cookies are already on the blog but my Sugardoodles are new today!


You guessed it! Sugardoodles are a cross between sugar cookies and Snickerdoodles. Sugardoodles is my version of a cross between a soft sugar cookie and a Snickerdoodle. Cream of tartar gives a Snickerdoodle its signature crinkle top and soft and chewy texture. Shortening makes them fluffy and butter gives them their rich, homemade flavor.

Double Chocolate Pudding Cookies - 5.jpg

Double Chocolate Chewy Cookies start with a box of Jello instant pudding mix. It’s the key to the soft and chewiness I love!

Click below to PRINT both recipes.

Double Chocolate Pudding Cookies



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