Grits and Gouda Featured on BFF with the Chef Podcast Episode 8 I'm sharing my Southern shortcut tips and talking about my Magic Cakes cookbook.

From Hawaii, BFF with the Chef‘s Nicole Schwegman, interviews me (Kathleen Royal Phillips) on her podcast #8! We laugh, share food stories, reminisce about what we ate growing up in the South (her Grandmother was from the South), share funeral food dishes (yes, that’s a thing in the South), and she asks me to explain what a Magic Cake is in detail-so I’m happy to talk cake with her.

Quote from's Kathleen Royal Phillips on BFF with the Chef podcast Episode 8 photograph

Join us around the table as you drive home from work, watch your kids practice ball or take a brisk walk on your lunch break.

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Quote from's Kathleen Royal Phillips on BFF with the Chef podcast number 8

Three of the recipes I talk about are 2 Ingredient Biscuits From Scratch, Black Raspberry Vinaigrette, and Peach Freezer Marmalade. You can click on these recipes and go right to the blog story to get these recipes now.

5 jars of various sizes of Peach Freezer Marmalade on a green striped tea towel

Peach Freezer Marmalade

3 biscuits on a wooden cutting board spread with butter and strawberry jam. Tiny spoonful of jam on a spoon spilling out.

2 Ingredient Biscuits From Scratch

Glass salad dressing bottle full of blackberry vinaigrette made with homemade blackberry vinegar substituting for black raspberries

Black Raspberry or Blackberry Vinaigrette

We also chat about my Holiday Cooking Show coming up at the Gardendale Civic Center November 1. It is a fundraiser for my husband and son’s nonprofit Outdoor Ability Foundation. They equip the young disabled outdoorsman (woman) and have presented seven Action Trackchairs to kids and young adults that show a passion for the outdoors but not the funds to purchase one of these chairs that start at $11,000.

Scott Phillips and Grayson Phillips next to the Outdoor Ability Foundation banner. Grayson is in an Action Trackchair

Read more about Outdoor Ability Foundation on my Community Page.

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