Chocolate Covered Strawberries Disguised as Carrots in Dirt Cups

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Disguised as Carrots

Orange candy coating disguises fresh strawberries as carrots in the garden. They are nestled in chocolate pudding and Oreo crumbs to resemble carrots in a garden.


Carrots never tasted so sweet! Ya’ll I’m loving these strawberries coated in orange candy melts that look like carrots in a pot of dirt. They are uber easy, yummy, fun to make and fun to eat!

You probably already have everything in your pantry to make these right now and fresh strawberries are super cheap right now because they are at peak season.


You hardly need a recipe for these fun faux dessert carrots. I crushed Oreo cookies in the food processor, made chocolate pudding according to the directions on the 3.9-oz box, melted 1 cup candy melts according to the package directions and put it all in 8 (2-inch) candy/nut mini baking cups. I had these cups in my cupcake liner stash but you can buy them at a party store. Amazon has the polka dot cups if you want 48 of them for a large party. If you can’t find orange candy melts just add a little food coloring to white chocolate chips and melt according to package directions.

How fun would these be at an Easter egg hunt or a baby shower with a Peter Rabbit theme!



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