Mini Vegan Key Lime Pies


I couldn’t stop eating these creamy, tangy “3-bites-size” key lime pies! Yes, they are that good-and oh, yeah, they just happen to be vegan, too.

What gives them their perfect rich and thick texture? Not whipping cream or cream cheese or sweetened condensed milk. Nope! It’s canned coconut milk, soaked cashews, and wait for it…..avocado!

Yep, just 1/2 of one avocado gives these frozen miniature key lime pies the perfect faint lime color that makes you think it’s all from the limes, but key limes actually don’t produce much of a green color at all when mixed in with creamy white stuff.

I researched many vegan key lime pie recipes but most had melted coconut oil and were very pale in color. I also experimented with soaked slivered almonds but they didn’t blend as smoothly as cashews.

In the recipe I tell you how to make “one-bite” size pies in candy paper liners, too. I’ll warn you, they are even harder to stop eating. I would pop one in my mouth every time I’d walk by the freezer. I can’t wait to make them again! Let me know if you try them and comment how you like them.

To print the recipe click the link below.

Mini Vegan Key Lime Pies


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