Air Fryer Indian-Spiced Sweet Potato Fries


One of the healthy food trends for 2018 is the air fryer. There are many brands to choose from but they all cook in less time than the oven and with a fraction of the oil than frying. I borrowed a NuWave air fryer from a friend to try it out and was very happy with it.

Yes, they can warm up frozen french fries and chicken nuggets but apparently they can do so much more. According to they can bake cinnamon rolls, fried pickles, bourbon burger and much more. You don’t have to look further than your friend’s Pinterest board to find a few more air fryer recipes because it was one of the hottest selling kitchen appliances this past shopping season.

Not all air fryers are the same. If you’re wondering which air fryer is best for you, has done the research for you. Check out the reviews before you buy one.

Another healthy food trend you will see in 2018 is Indian spices including cardamom. Last year it was turmeric and this year cardamom enters the scene.

Click link below to print the recipe.

Air Fryer Indian Spiced Sweet Potato Fries


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