Maple Pecan Coffee Cake Twists. An updated version of vintage Maple-Nut Coffee Twists

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One whiff of the maple-pecan aroma and I’m back home in Evening Shade, Arkansas waiting impatiently for my mom to tell us we can have one of her warm maple-flavored  coffee cake. She made the original version, Maple-Nut Coffee Twists, often from the 1969 20th Annual Pillsbury Bake-Off bookazine. She still has the original recipe and sent me this copy.

maple nut twist original recipe from 1969 Pillsbury.jpg

I updated it just a bit by changing out the artificial maple flavoring and some of the granulated sugar with real maple syrup and I use a dough hook to replace kneading by hand and prefer softened butter to melted. Oh, and I added more pecans! If you don’t have hot roll mix on hand or would rather not use it, I give you the amounts of flour, oil, yeast, and salt to use from your pantry.

The shortcut in this recipe is using Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix. Even though the recipe is not a quick and easy recipe, the hot roll mix does cut down on measuring some ingredients and they are conveniently packaged in a box in case you don’t have flour, oil, salt, or yeast in your pantry. If you prefer to use your own ingredients I give the amounts to substitute in the ingredient list.

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My entire family was waiting not-so-patiently for me to serve up these warm, sweet rolls-including our cat, Grizzly.


Click below to print the recipe.

Maple Pecan Coffee Cake Twists



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