Panettone Bread Pudding


What do you do with store bought panettone you were given as a hostess gift for the holidays? Cube it up and make bread pudding! Panettone is a tall, Italian cake that resembles sweet and soft sourdough bread with raisins and dried citrus fruit.


During Christmas and New Years, this tall “cake in a box” can be purchased in department stores, upscale supermarkets, and World food markets. The day after Christmas, these pricey cakes are marked down 50% but because they are wrapped in plastic inside that red box with a ribbon handle, they are still yummy and begging to be put in bread pudding.


Another shortcut is not having to add raisins in this bread pudding. Panettone is chock full of raisins, dried lemon, citron and sometimes apricot. I reduced the amount of sugar for this recipe from my original bread pudding because the cake is much sweeter than the French bread it calls for. Save a bowl and cube it up and pour the milk over the cubes in the baking dish.


You can serve it warm or my family likes to eat it cold for breakfast.

Click on link below to print the recipe.

Panettone Bread Pudding



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