Purple Velvet Magic Cake

Purple Magic Cake Whole and flowered slice

Move over Red Velvet Cake! Here comes Purple Velvet Magic Cake this Christmas! One thin batter magically creates a 3 layer dessert. The magic happens in the oven!

No food coloring here! Just fresh purple sweet potatoes. If you prefer a darker, more intense purple, the recipe for Purple Velvet Magic Cake is in my cookbook Magic Cakes and uses ube powder (purple yam powder) and purple gel cake food color. I substituted 3/4 cup pureed purple sweet potato for the rehydrated ube powder for this version. Ube powder is readily available online at Amazon.com but you will find it much cheaper at Filstop.com and other sites. I bought it at my local Oriental grocery store for about $5.00 and had enough for two cakes.

What is ube? It is a Filipino purple yam-not to be confused with Stokes Purple Sweet Potato grown near San Fransisco, CA. Stokes purple sweet potatoes got their name from the county in North Carolina where they were originally grown. They are in season late fall through the winter. Read more about them here at Frieda’s specialty produce. Read more about ube here at Huffpost’s article on the natural ingredient that turns food perfectly purple.


The puree on the left is ube powder rehydrated with water and on the right is purple sweet potato puree. Both are obviously purple but you can see the that the purple sweet potato is the most vibrant. The Purple Velvet Magic Cake is made with 2 cups of milk so it tones down the hue to more of a lavendar. In my cookbook, I made it with ube powder and food coloring to enhance the color but the photos in this post using purple sweet potato does not have any food coloring-that’s all natural color!


The delicate flower is Oxalis (purple Shamrock) from my flower bed. Mine is still blooming here in Gardendale, Alabama in December although the frost will probably nip it later this week. Oxalis and sorrel are edible flowers.




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    1. Fantastic! I also have a purple sweet potato overnight oat recipe on the blog! I’m crazy about purple sweet potatoes!

    1. I’m so glad you like it! Purple sweet potatoes taste just like regular sweet potatoes to me. I’ve read a lot that says ube (purple yams) have a different flavor but when I made it with ube powder for the cookbook, it tasted very similar to sweet potatoes. They should be in the stores soon. Let me know what you think if you make it!

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