Cinnamon Sugar Apple Rings

Fried Apple Rings

These are like cinnamon sugar donuts with a bonus of apple in the middle! Want to gild the lily? Dip them in caramel dip or my vanilla icing found in my Copy Cat Krispy Kreme Donuts and Churros recipe.

Shortcut: Dip them in pancake batter from the box and purchase cinnamon sugar.


These are the apples I just brought back from Asheville, NC. On the right are the showy Cortlands with their deep red color and distinct stripes. They texture inside reminds me of a Rome apple: sweet and juicy but not as crisp as a snacking apple. They hold their shape well in a pie but I have apple butter plans for these guys.

The apple on the cutting board and to in the basket to the left are Stayman Winesap. You can hear the crunch across the room when you bite into them! These will go in my husband and son’s lunches this week. If there are any left by the weekend, I’m thinking apple wedges and caramel toffee dip for the church potluck Sunday!

Click on the link below to print the recipe.

Cinnamon Sugar Apple Rings


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